The Knowledge Shop (2009 - ongoing)

The Knowledge Shop is set up in public space, usually in the street, and passers by are invited to draw a picture describing their relationship to the location we are in. Once drawn, the pictures are hung up making a temporary exhibition for the day.

The Knowledge Shop began in 2009, in a street in Gokarna, India. The project emerged from conversations and reflections about the importance and meaning of place and as a critique to the anthropological research process and how anthropological knowledge is disseminated. It also explores drawing as a method of exploring thoughts and feelings and looks at the potential for drawing to communicate when there is no shared language.

The Knowledge Shop has taken place in India, the UK, Denmark and France. It has documented specific events including Appleby Fair in Cumbria and the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. In 2009 there was an exhibition of the drawings at Amnesty International in London.