I am a socially engaged artist with a long-term interest in how things form communities. I have a history of working in public spaces, creating events and objects that encourage collective experiences. Engaging with the politics of UK land ownership post 80s and 90s Conservative party led Public Order Acts, with a political history stemming back to the Enclosure Acts, much of my earlier work was focused on how to create communality and decentralised organising in public spaces. This involved creating large permanent dinner tables that could seat over 20 people in ‘public’ spaces, being part of collectively run projects such as The Treehouse Gallery in Regents Park that housed a public library about land and environmental issues. For the last two years my work has largely been based around experimenting with language as a form of sculpture and politics. This has involved creating publications, events, and sculpture, whilst still working within ‘public’ spaces whether outdoors, online, or as part of institutions. I am also part of the collective Equal Voices in the Room? which runs workshops proposing alternative, more inclusive methods for discussion making.

I have been a member of several other collectives and groups, including Collaborative Research Group which was an 18 month collaboration between 7 artists, based at CRATE in Margate. I also co-managed RARA, a co-operative workshop and workspace in Clapton between 2011-2016. Many of my projects have involved running workshops with adults and children and I worked as the Community Arts Officer at Welling School where I co-edited and produced æ, a newspaper about art and education.

I have an academic background in Social Anthropology (BA from Goldsmiths) as well as a masters in Contemporary Art Practice (Public Sphere specialism with Distinction) from the Royal College of Art.



Thanks to Indexhibit for providing a platform for me to make this website